Fences & Privacy Screens

Robert Frost once famously wrote that “good fences make good neighbours”. While we’d hope that you’re on better terms with your neighbours than Mr. Frost, we believe that fences are more than a way to establish boundaries around your property and garden.

More Than a Fence

Great fences can serve as stylish additions to your landscape.  They offer a canvas for endless aesthetic and design options. Whether it be for beautiful climbing plants, privacy or enclosure let Stirling Carpentry design and build a fence for you.

Explore a few of our fence & privacy screen projects below.

Our Process

First we meet with you to understand your needs and your vision. We will take measurements and pictures so we create a design and an estimate of time and materials. After the design and estimate process we will schedule the build. We explain each step of construction so you know what’s happening as it unfolds. From knowing when materials are going to be delivered to the final stages of construction, you’ll be in the loop!