Here are 10 easy and low cost ways to revitalize your backyard!

1. Clean Up

cleaning your yard

You’d be surprised what’s leftover from the winter season! Take some time to rake leaves, pull weeds, pick up branches and remove fallen debris. A good cleaning can add the sparkle back into your yard!

2. Fresh Mulch

fresh mulch

Fresh mulch does wonders for the eye and prevents weeds! Check your local lumber mill for deals on mulch. You may have to load it yourself but it can be a tenth of the cost of big box stores.

3. Build a Path

build a path

Use the same route to get to the fire pit? Add a path using stepping stones or interlock. Check online yard sale sites as people always have leftover stone from bigger projects.

4. Plant Some Colour

flower garden

Go to your local nursery and get low cost colourful flowers. Pick colours that you like and enjoy! Colour can make all the difference!

5. Edge Your Lawn
edge your lawn

Create a border between your lawn and gardens. This simple trick will make your yard look like a million bucks!

6. Build a Raised Garden Bed

build a raised garden bed

Want a garden but don’t have the space? Build a raised garden bed and plant your veggies. Not only does it look cool but you’ll be rewarded all summer with fresh treats!

7. Add Some Furniture

add furniture

Make your backyard comfortable by adding furniture. Not only will you be able to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll also create function for your space.

8. Hang Some Plants

hanging plants

Hanging plants catch the eye and can be hung anywhere and they don’t require a lot of maintenance! Decorate an old fence or pergola to add that creative twist.

9. Let There Be Light

backyard rope lighting

Add some outdoor lighting to make your backyard shine! Rope lighting is inexpensive, easy to install and you can put it just about anywhere.

10. Throw A Party


After all your hard work sprucing up your back yard the most important thing is to enjoy it! Throw a party or have a bbq, invite friends and family over; after all what is summer for?